You get into a big fight.

Harry: You both were out at a club. You were grinding on Harry as he swayed your hips to the music. After awhile of dancing you get tired and are thirsty. Harry was not happy. “Hey babe, I’m going to get a drink.” You say loudly, over the music. “Fine. Then just leave [Y/N]. I’ll find another girl to dance with.” Harry slurs, clearly drunk. “I’m only leaving to get a drink. I’ll be back in a minute, but if you want to dance with some slut, then go right ahead!” You yell. You make your way over to the bar and shout a order over the music. You turn around after you get your drink and see Harry and some girl grinding. Her hands all over him. You felt the angry tears start to come. Not even caring to wipe them away, you marched over to Harry. “Oh my god, Harry. I turn my back for one minute and you go out and find another girl! I’m done with all of your crap, Harry. I’m done with you.” After saying that you run out of the club. You can hear Harry shouting your name. You tell yourself not to turn around until you get home. (To be continued.)

Zayn: You both had just got back from your parents house. It had gone terrible. You, your mom and your dad all had been yelling. Your parents were freaking out over his tatoos. As soon as you got back to Zayn’s and your apartment you two had started fighting. “Well maybe if your parents don’t like me, maybe you don’t either!” Zayn shouts. “I can’t believe you would say that Zayn. Of course I like you, I freaking love you Zayn! But obviously you can’t see that can you? You’re so wrapped up in your own emotions, you can’t see mine. I bet this was just an excuse about my whole ‘parents’ thing so I would leave. Well Zayn, If you wanted me out all you had to do was ask!” You yell. “Leave then!” He shouts. “Fine, I will.” You say and run out of your apartment slamming the door behind you. Once your finally out of the apartment you let the tears you’ve been holding back fall. (To be continued.)

Louis: “That guy was totally hitting on you and you let him! What the hell [Y/N]?” “He was just being friendly Louis! God, why do you always assume that they’re hitting on me!? You don’t trust me do you!?” “No, I don”t trust you!” He yells. “Maybe we shouldn’t be together if you don’t trust me!” You yell, tears coming to your eyes. “You’re right!” “Fine. Then leave Louis. What the hell is stopping you?” “Nothing is stopping me, I’m out of here!” He slams the front door to your apartment. (To be continued.)

Niall: “Niall, you know, maybe you should cut back on the sweets.” You try to say in your nicest voice, knowing Niall would get mad. “Oh, so you don’t want me to get fat? You wouldn’t love me the same if I was fat!?” “Niall, all I said was that it’s really not healthy for you to be putting that much junk into your body.” You try to explain. “I don’t believe that. You wouldn’t love me if I got fat!” He screams. By now you’ve lost your temper. “I guess you don’t believe when I say I will love you forever! Do you?” “I guess not.” He says. “Alright, um, I’ll go then. Good bye Niall.” You say as your voice breaks. (To be continued.)

Liam: You two rarely fight, but when you do, its awful. “You care more about the fans then you do me!” You yell. “Really that’s what you think [Y/N]? I can’t believe you would say that. I love you, but I need to love my fans too.” “You need to love your fans, but you don’tneed to love me!? You just happen to!? “My fans wouldn’t yell at me for stupid crap like you do so, yeah.” He says. “If thats how you feel, I’ll be staying with [Y/F/N]. Bye Liam.” You say, tears streaming down your face. (To be continued.)

If you’re all wondering why they say (To be continued.) is because we’re going to write the part where they make up. Sorry if that’s not what the requester wanted, but I really don’t want to end it in a fight. Hope you liked it! ~Brynne and Mallory xx ;*

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